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    1. Go to http://www.fcc.gov/comments
    2. Click on 14-28
    3. Comment “I want internet service providers classified as common carriers.”
    4. Done

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  3. Ryan Adams: “Gimme Something Good”

    Dave requesting an encore is always cute.

  4. While Lorne Michaels is going to do what Lorne Michaels wants to do, it’s promising to see him make strides to bring SNL up to speed with modern America. As the show hits middle age, if it wants to keep its cool factor (and ratings) it has to stay relevant. “Weekend Update,” which is the show’s most ripe platform for news satire, certainly needed this.
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    remember when kids celebrated REAL music like HOOBASTANK 

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  9. dorkly:

    Whatever Happened to PG-13 Movies?

    Something weird has happened at the multiplex, and you won’t need parental guidance to understand why.

    For more videos, click here!

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  10. earwolf:

    Adam Scott Aukerman are back to talk Songs of Innocence!

    Even as a U2 fan I was more excited for this than the actual album.

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  11. Bill Murray, Sarah Silverman, and Chris Pratt to Be 'SNL's First Three Hosts of Season 40 | Splitsider